Oakland Testimonials


Read what OMC employees enjoy about their commute to work.

Judith Sanderson, Genetics 
I love walking to BART, not having to wait long (the trains come frequently during commute hours), getting a seat (or not) and being able to read, listen to music and be in my own world. Sometimes I wish my commute was longer so I could have more of this time! It is very relaxing and a great way to start the day!

Sonia Sekhorn, MB Pharmacy
I actually gave up my monthly parking & love taking BART!! It’s so convenient!

Shanna Akana, Allergy
I enjoy not having to sit in traffic and also I get to take a nap on BART on the way to work. Plus, I don’t have to deal with parking at Oakland Kaiser Permanente.

Lois Koehne, Labor and Delivery
I enjoy the downtime while riding the bus and BART to and from work. I keep up on the newspaper on the way to work, and decompress on the way home, solving the crossword puzzle or reading a good novel.

Cheryl Medley, Medical Secretaries
AC Transit is fast and reliable. Even if I work late, there is a bus for me to Downtown Oakland.

Lonnie R. Barkus, Sr., IT
I can relax my mind. Catch up on my reading and a bit of School Homework. Commuting by BART relaxes me before and after work. It helps me not to bring the stress of the day home to my family. Helps me to unwind.

Magda Baeza, Ophthalmology
I get to take a nap. It’s nice to unplug before I get home. I get to relax for a little bit – refresh. This gets me ready for my other half of my life and have less chance of transferring over stressers of the day.

Analiza Mandanean, Medicine
I am more physically fit. I don’t have shortness of breath episodes when I cycle and walk. I don’t have allergy episodes also. I love cycling to work. It really benefited my health.

Matt Jonathan Aguilar, Health Education
When I take BART I can relax. I don’t have to worry about traffic, parking fees and ridiculous gas prices. Not only am I taking it easy on BART, but, it’s great for the environment too!

Angelica Ramirez, OIM/TPMG Controllers’ Office
I love it because I can relax or prepare for work as I come in the morning. In the evenings it provides me with time to unwind, read my book, and then by the time I get home, I feel relaxed. When I was driving to work before, I was really stressed because of traffic and the increasing number of people with road rage. I experienced several frightening accidents, as well as I’d get home even more stressed than I was when I left work.

Michael Maquire, PACU
Riding my bicycle and using transit is a nice way to wake up and unwind at the end of the day.

Delanie Abney, Allergy/Dermatology
Someone else is doing the driving and I am able to relax, read a book, play a game or even take a nap.

Dave More, Human Resources
I enjoy being able to relax on BART and not worry about driving/stress.

Lisa Canterbury, Recruitment
I enjoy being able to read, relax while commuting (on BART) and not having to be stuck in traffic.

Neil Lischner, Medicine
Lots of low stress reading, education and sleeping!

Sharon Burks-Davis, EVS
I ride BART because it’s quick and convenient. I like to sit and ride hands free.

Robert Sloan, Emergency
I walk to BART, listen to my iPod, take the Kaiser Permanente shuttle, then take BART and shuttle home after a 12-hour shift in ER to wind down.

Alex Keedy, Internal Medicine
I don’t have to sit in traffic when I take BART. I can listen to my iPod and catch up on reading.

Hynetha Bradley, BD/ER
It is less stressful. I would leave the driving to the driving to the driver. Then, I developed my own walking program. I would walk to and from the BART, tracking my steps on my pedometer, greeting everyone as I passed along the way..

Michele Ng, Pharmacy
I enjoy reading and sleeping on BART.

Kimberly Ingram, Human Resources
I ride public transit and don’t have to sit in traffic.