A carpool is two or more employees who commute to and from work together at least three days a week, and who report to work during the peak commute hours of 6:00am-10:00am. Participating in the carpool program allows free parking in designated carpool parking areas. Carpool spaces are on a first come first served basis.

Employees carpooling to Oakland Medical Center can park for FREE in designated Carpool Parking areas. When signing up for a carpool, please indicate your preferred location. There are designated carpool parking spaces in the Howe Street employee parking garage, in the 3751 Broadway parking garage, and in the 3510 parking garage.

To receive a carpool parking permit, each member of the carpool should read the Carpool Parking Policy and must bring a completed Carpool Application and a copy of their DMV vehicle registration, to the Commuter Services office, located in the Security office. Each carpool member will need to be present to show his/her Kaiser Permanente ID at the time the application is submitted. Upon review of application, a “hangtag” will be issued which will allow the carpool group immediate access to the carpool area.

To find carpool partners using the Kaiser Permanente ridematching system click here. You will receive matches of Kaiser Permanente employees.