Guaranteed Ride Home

Employees who walk, bicycle, carpool, vanpool or who ride transit to OMC are eligible to participate in the Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home program. This program, sponsored by Alameda County, gives you the flexibility to leave your car at home. This program will reimburse your cost of using a taxi or rental car, a TNC like Uber or Lyft, or a carsharing service like City CarShare or ZipCar in case of an emergency. The program is free and open to anyone who works in Alameda County.

The following circumstances are considered qualifying emergency situations in the GRH program and must occur on the date of the GRH trip:

  • You or an immediate family member suffers an illness, injury, or severe crisis.
  • You must work unĀ­scheduled overtime. (supervisor authorization is required.)
  • Your ridesharing vehicle breaks down or the driver has to stay late or leave early.
  • Your commute bicycle breaks down on the way to or from work and cannot be repaired 
    at your work site.

Participants must have used an alternative mode on the day they take the ride for which they will seek reimbursement through the GRH program. Eligible alternative commute modes include:

  • Public transportation
  • Carpool or Vanpool
  • Bicycle
  • Walk

The maximum reimbursement per trip, regardless of mode, is $125. Program participants are limited to a maximum reimbursement of $600 per calendar year or six reimbursed trips per calendar year, whichever occurs first.  The GRH program will notify participants when they are nearing reimbursement limits.

You must already be enrolled in this program at the time of your emergency, so sign up today!

For more information and to register online, Click Here.