GIG Car Share

GIG Car Share, powered by AAA (American Automobile Association), is a new car share program which offers one-way carsharing in the East Bay. GIG car share is designed to be simple, instant, and affordable.

Sign up is FREE and there are no annual fees – you only pay for what you use.

How does it work?

It’s free to join.
Step 1:  Download the GIG app in App store or Google Play store
Step 2:  Register with your Kaiser Permanente employee email address
Step 3:  Complete all steps in the registration process. You will be asked to scan your credit card.


*Insurance coverage is subject to certain restrictions and limits, and may not apply or be adequate in all circumstances. Please see Member Agreement for additional information.

Please note that Kaiser Permanente is not endorsing or recommending any commercial products or services offered or advertised by a third party. Kaiser Permanente disclaims any liability or responsibility for commercial products or services that may be advertised or offered by third parties.


Thrive, Don't Drive 

For questions or more information on Commuter Services contact 

Jackie Stiasny, TDM Coordinator

Phone: 510-752-2119