Bicycle Reimbursement Program

Kaiser Permanente will reimburse your bicycling costs up to $20/month ($240 a year). The Bicycle to Work reimbursement is paid as a subsidy from Kaiser Permanente.

This program is for KP employees. The program is not available for TPMG physicians at this time. 

How the Bicycle Reimbursment Program Works

Ride your bicycle to work and pay for bike-related expenses. Fill out the reimbursement form and submit your receipts. You will be reimbursed for eligible expenses. Eligible expenses include bike purchase, repairs, improvements, and storage. Be sure to save your receipts for any eligible out-of-pocket expenses you pay. 
The Bike to Work Reimbursement Program is an employer-sponsored program that cannot be combined with any other Commuter benefit.

Annual Reimbursment Limits

You can submit expenses for up to $20 per qualified bicycle month. A qualified bicycle month includes months in which:

  • You regularly used your bicycle for a substantial portion (greater than 20%) of travel between your residence and place of employment during that month; and
  • You did not receive any other commuter benefit (such as transit, vanpool or monthly parking); and
  • You did not set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for transit (bus, train, BART); and
  • You did not set aside pre-tax dollars for parking at (or near) transit, or for parking at (or near) the worksite; and
  • You did not have monthly parking at OMC

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To download the Bike to Work Reimbursement Form, Click here.

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